Optimal mix of theoretical study and exposure to domain and industry prepares the students for a sound career be it as employees, for further studies or as entrepreneurs. The active teacher and student community has made aiming for publication in reputed journals, participating in important seminars common among the student community.

Carving out a unique identity is a part of all that a student gets involved in at the campus. Participation in technical events, volunteering for community service, taking part in tournaments and showing talent in cultural happenings make the students realize their true potential.


Biotechnology is the culmination of Life Sciences and Engineering resulting in technologies. These are exciting times for Biotechnology as it is considered the area that can solve sustainability issues for the human mankind. One can look for alternative renewable energy sources, mitigate climate change, produce medicines, discover new drugs, treatment technologies for health, tackle the requirements of meeting the hunger of billions of people, treat water and waste water. The Vision of the Department is to create graduates who can solve biotechnological problems through innovative solutions and integrated approach.


The Department has substantial extra mural funds to conduct research in various areas that is of value and benefit to the society. This has resulted in Patents and research publications both national and international. Further, commercialization of products has been undertaken successfully. The Department takes pride in striving for success by collaborations and consultations with the outside world.

The Department has a Research Center recognized by PES University, Visvesvaraya Technology University and Kuvempu University.

The department strongly believes in kindling the interest among the students to understand the concepts they study thoroughly and apply them in new ways. The proactive support for research based activities has helped the university to attract qualified and experienced faculty. The guidance provided by the experienced faculty and the well equipped laboratories have ensured successful completion of projects that meet the expectations of the funding organization.


Majority of the faculty hold doctoral degrees. The faculty bring with them vast experience both in industry and academia. The University takes pride in the expertise and commitment the faculty brings to the interactions with the students. This has helped us constantly raise the competence levels of our students to match the demands of the industry and new research. PES University has nurtured a tradition of research and innovation. The faculty is geared to guide the students not just in the classrooms. One can find them actively participating and guiding in the research labs, preparation for conferences, organizing technology events and completing industry sponsored projects.


The campus has state of the art laboratories for Fluid Mechanics and Mechanical Operations, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Bioenergetics and Metabolism, Heat Transfer, Enzyme Technology, Bioinformatics, Bioprocess Reaction Engineering, Bioprocess Systems Analysis and Control, Upstream Process Technology, Immunology, Food Biotechnology, Drug Development and Toxicology, Downstream Process, Forensic Biology.


B.Tech In Biotechnology

M.Tech In Biotechnology

P. G Diploma in Pre-Clinical, Clinical Research, Biostatistics and Data Management

M Sc(Engineering) by Research in Biotechnology

Ph.D in Biotechnology

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